Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How This Works

EDIT ABOUT AVAILABILITY(as of 5/10) - For the time being I will not be printing any more copies of Strange Feelings for Steve. If you've already put in your donation, don't worry, you're getting one. However, if you send me a donation notification after today's date (5/10) I won't be able to send you a copy. I still encourage you to donate to Broadway Impact because they do wonderful work and it's especially needed now.

Thanks to those who've donated--you made this a success and I'm really appreciative.

If you're reading this that means you're interested in donating to Broadway Impact and getting a copy of "Strange Feelings for Steve" as a thank you from me--and that makes you awesome! In a separate post I posted all the pages in the book. If you found your way to this via a route other than tumblr, "Strange Feelings for Steve" was born there and you can check out other Book of Mormon related stuff of mine at that tumblr which is linked on the right.

Note for those who may wonder what "Strange Feelings for Steve" is-- It is a fan work inspired by the musical, The Book of Mormon. It's gotten reblogged a lot and the Book of Mormon connection has gotten a little lost. A joke in the show is the reasoning behind Jesus' wonderbread-white looks. That's the only reason why. Continuity with the show.


First I'll give the basics of how this will work and then I'll go into a little more detail. Thank you books will be sent to those who donate a minimum of $30 to Broadway Impact and to do that please donate directly on their website here:

Take a screenshot of your donation confirmation so I can see that you donated and the amount you donated.

Now. To get your thank you copy of "Strange Feelings for Steve" email me at  and attach your donation screenshot. Include your desired shipping address as well so I know where the heck I'm sending it. I'll respond to you as soon as I get your e-mail to confirm it got through. Pretty simple, yes?

EDIT: Someone was having trouble with their screenshot function on their computer and forwarded their confirmation e-mail from Broadway Impact and that worked just fine as well!

Here are the details:

I've chosen $30 as the minimum after taking into account the cost of printing and shipping. I'm so so so appreciative of the response "Strange Feelings for Steve" has gotten, but what I would love even more is a generous donation to this awesome cause. So, as incentive, I've got some different levels.

Donate $30 - I'll send you a copy of "Strange Feelings for Steve" along with my undying affection.
Donate $40 - I'll send your copy with priority mail so it will get to you much much faster! If you're in the USA it'll take about 2 days to get it once the book ships.
Donate $50 - You'll get a copy of the book sent priority mail AND I will send a hand-drawn and colored (unless you want B&W) piece of art that can be of your complete choosing! If you want to see Elder Thomas flying on a poptart-shaped magic carpet--here's your chance! If you want something totally random and kinda strange like a hippo spanking Paula Deen, I'll do it sans judgement because I'm an absolute whore for a great cause.

Edit: I've got a couple questions about the custom art that comes with the $50. Unless you direct me otherwise, I won't be posting it anywhere. It's for your eyes only and however many eyes you wish to share it with.

You should also note that the printer I'm using, Blurb, has a 20 page minimum and what I've posted online is only 14 pages. So, by donating and getting one as a thank you, you'll get bonus goodies you won't see anywhere else.

International - If you're on planet Earth, I'll ship to you. I'm in the US, though, so it'll take longer to get to you.

Disclaimers- See the "About" page, but basically I'm (quite obviously, I think) not affiliated with Broadway Impact. I just happen to link to their donation page and if you happen to donate a certain amount, a thank you book just might happen to appear on your doorstep....

There. Is that enough legal voodoo to keep lawyers away?

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